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EverythiNG CooL

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CooL Kids T.V

CooL Kids TV we watched mainly from the late 70's & 80's.


TerraHawks - My favourite puppet show ever! a blend of scifi and action as the TerraHawks defend the earth against the evil zelda from mars. Click on the pic for pics,info,video clips and various stuff on the show.


The Flumps - About a family of small furry puppets .wonderful late 70's kids tv. For pics,info and sounds click on the pic.


Trumpton - Top Class puppet show! set in fictional county of Trumptonshire. there were 2 spin off shows too. Click on the Trumpton firemen pic for loads of pics and info.


ivor the engine - liked this little kids programme about little steam engine doing its journeys. For images,sounds,board games and a whole lot more click on the pic.

More CooL Kids T.V

Bertha - Images,sounds and info

The Magic Roundabout - images,sounds,quizes and lots of info

King Rollo - images,sounds and info

Bagpuss - images,sounds,games and info

Thomas The Tank Engine - images,games,sounds and lots of info


Postman Pat - Postman Pat and his black and white cat doing there rounds in the Yorkshire village of Greendale. For fun and games for the kids click on the pic.


Cockleshell Bay - The adventures of two children ,twins Robin and Rosie Cockle who live besise the seaside. For pics,sounds and info click on the pic.


The Wombles - This show rules! The Wombles of Wimbledon Common scour the common looking for litter to recycle into very useful things and generally cleaning up the mess that we mucky humans always leave behind us. For info,pics,sounds and games visit the offical site by clicking on the pic.


Portland Bill - loved this show about a lighthouse keeper. For info,images and sounds click on the pic.

Larry the Lamb and Stories from Toytown - images and info

The Banana Splits - images,sounds,video and info

Fireman Sam - images,games and lots of info

Button Moon - images and sounds

The Moomins - images,sounds,games and info

Check out the CooL LinkS page for more CooL Kids T.V website links