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EverythiNG CooL

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CooL Cartoons

A Page about the cartoons we loved to watch mainly from the 80's


BatFink - yes a real bat superhero! with his Japanese sidekick "Karate" click on the pic to get pics,sounds and info on Batfink.


BananaMan - Another superhero! a normal boy until he eats a banana that turns him into BananaMan! ..his sidekick is a crow. click on the pic to get pics,sounds and info on BananaMan.


SuperTed - Excellent superhero cartoon a teddybear being the superhero this time with his sidekick an alien called spotty. For many games ,pics,downloads and info on SuperTed click on the pic.


DangerMouse - A secret Agent/Superhero fighting to rid the world of evil villians DangerMouse has a sidekick called Penfold who is hilarious! For Images ,sounds and info on DangerMouse click on the pic.


MightyMouse - a superhero mouse who is there to save the dayy there are no links to this cartoon at present time.


The Little Green Man - fine little cartoon about an alien with magic powers. For pics,sounds and info click on the pic.


Jamie and the Magic Torch - Brilliant little cartoon about jamie and his dog who use a magic torch to goto the magical Cuckooland. For pics,sounds and images click on the pic.


Mr Men - great cartoon fun my favourtie was Mr Bump who would always bump into things. for pics,games and much more click on the pic.

more CooL cartoons

Mysterious Cities Of Gold - With Sounds,images, quizes and much much more

Battle Of The Planets - Images and lots of info

Dungeons & Dragons - Images and lots of Info

Jimbo The Jet Set - images,sounds and info

Roobarb & Custard - Video

Towser - images,sounds and info

The Perishers - Images and info

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds - Sounds, images,quizes and info and much more

The Pink Panther - images,sounds,video and info

He-man and the Masters of the Universe - Sounds, Images,Video,Info and lots more

Ulysses 31 - images,video and info

Pigeon Street - Images,Sounds and info

Willo The Wisp - images,sounds and info

Vicky the Viking - Images and info

Godzilla - pics and theme tune download



Tom and Jerry!!!